Mosquitoes . Indentification , Ecology , and Control 3ed.

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Mosquitoes – Identification, Ecology and Control” presents a wealth of information on the bionomics, systematics, ecology, research techniques and control of both nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes. It provides practical guidance and important information in an easily readable style, suitable for anyone involved with, or interested in mosquitoes and their management.

In this new edition, 102 European species including the most important invasive species and more than 100 globally important vector and nuisance species are described. Most of them, including all European species, are presented in the fully illustrated identification keys, followed by a detailed description of the morphology, biology, distribution and medical importance of each species, including over 700 detailed drawings.


Mosquitoes – Identification, Ecology and Control includes:

· systematics and biology

· medical significance

· research techniques

· morphological characteristics used for identification of larvae and adults

· illustrated identification keys for larval and adult mosquito genera

· morphology, ecology, and distribution of the species identified in the keys

· biological, genetic, physical and chemical control of mosquitoes


“Mosquitoes – Identification, Ecology and Control is a valuable tool for vector ecologists, medical entomologists, students and all those involved with mosquito systematics, biology, ecology, and control world-wide.


Society as a whole benefit from the implementation of carefully designed and sustainable programs for the management of mosquitoes, and the diseases they transmit. The third edition of this successful publication has been comprehensively updated and expanded, to provide the foundation of a more enlightened and informed approach to mosquito management. 

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