• Quantum Chemistry Simulation of Biological Molecules

    Eudenilson Albuquerque, Umberto Laino Fulco, Ewerten Caetano, Valder Freire
  • Engineering Drawing: Principles and Applications

    L. P. Singh, Harwinder Singh
  • Model-Checking Quantum Systems: Principles and Algorithms

    Mingsheng Ying, Yuan Feng
  • A Practical Guide to Power-line Communication

    Christina Vlachou, Sébastien Henri
  • Theory and Applications of Colloidal Suspension Rheology

    Norman Wagner, Jan Mewis
  • Plant Physiology: Theory and Applications

    S. L. Kochhar, Sukhbir Kaur Gujral
  • Foundations of Classical Mechanics

    P. C. Deshmukh
  • Probability on Trees and Networks

    Russell Lyons, Yuval Peres
  • Understanding Process Dynamics and Control

    Costas Kravaris, Ioannis K. Kookos
  • Magic, Science, and Religion in Early Modern Europe

    Mark A. Waddell
  • Magic, Science, and Religion in Early Modern Europe

    Mark A. Waddell
  • Astrobiology, Discovery, and Societal Impact

    Steven J. Dick
  • Interpreting Feyerabend: Critical Essays

    Karim Bschir, Jamie Shaw
  • Singularly Perturbed Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Problems

    Daomin Cao, Shuangjie Peng, Shusen Yan
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    Custard, Culverts and Cake: Academics on Life in The Archers

    Cara Courage (Editor), Nicola Headlam (Editor)
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    Homes, Issues + Processes: design collective architects

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    Entropia Mass Market

    Kadambari Baxi (Author), Reinhold Martin (Author)
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  • Lois générales de divers ordres de phénomènes: And Sulla…

    Luigi Federico Menabrea
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Articular Cartilage : Lamellar Repulsive Lubrication of Natural Joints

Zenon Pawlak
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Decision Theory With Imperfect Information

Rafik Aziz Aliev (Author), Oleg H Huseynov
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