Continued: Buckley Gray Yeoman

David Taylor (Author)
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London-based practice BuckleyGrayYeoman was formed in 1997. The practice's diverse range of work includes housing, industrial buildings, office new build and refurbishments, masterplanning and work in the education sector, all with a focus on sustainability, quality and innovation. Continued. follows the first publication on the practice's work, To Be Continued, published by Black Dog Publishing in 2005, and looks at the variety of BuckleyGrayYeoman's work from a range of perspectives, drawing on the disparate influences on the practice's engagement with contemporary design. BuckleyGrayYeoman offers more than a conventional architectural service. Aiming first to understand the core values of its clients, through aspects including business model and branding, the practice offers a problem-solving approach to architecture that results in creative solutions beyond the obvious.

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