The SAGE Encyclopedia of Human Communication Sciences and Disorders FOUR VOLUME SET

Jack S. Damico , Martin J. Ball
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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Human Communication Sciences and Disorders is an in-depth encyclopedia aimed at students interested in interdisciplinary perspectives on human communication—both normal and disordered—across the lifespan. This timely and unique set will look at the spectrum of communication disorders, from causation and prevention to testing and assessment; through rehabilitation, intervention, and education.  

Examples of the interdisciplinary reach of this encyclopedia:

  • A strong focus on health issues, with topics such as Asperger's syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, anatomy of the human larynx, dementia, etc.
  • Including core psychology and cognitive sciences topics, such as social development, stigma, language acquisition, self-help groups, memory, depression, memory, Behaviorism, and cognitive development
  • Education is covered in topics such as cooperative learning, special education, classroom-based service delivery

The editors have recruited top researchers and clinicians across multiple fields to contribute to approximately 640 signed entries across four volumes.

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