Surgical Management of Cervical Disc Herniation (WFNS Spine Committee)

PS Ramani (Author), Motoi Shoda (Author), Mehmet Zileli (Author), George J Dohrmann (Author)
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  • ISBN: 9789350255674
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The presented book demonstrates the importance of spine surgery for neurosurgery and highlights the diseases of the brain, spine, blood vessels of the head and neck, and peripheral nerves. The book not only mentions the spinal cord diseases but also marks the importance with structural diseases of the spinal column. The books also envisions on the recent advances in scientific knowledge with the collaboration with biomechanics of the functioning of the spine, gaining expertise in decompressing the neural elements and stabilization with instrumentation at any given motion segment of the spine. Thus the book is a comprehensive monograph on surgical management of the herniated cervical intervertebral disc includes all possible approaches used by surgeons to manage a common problem. Overall the book forms a premiere reference for the neurosurgeons and other medical communities to complete understanding of spine surgeries.

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