Lymphoma: Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Robert Marcus , John W. Sweetenham , Michael E. Williams
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Major advances have occurred in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma in recent years. Our understanding of the molecular biology and genetics of the disease has increased exponentially, and significant imaging developments have resulted in earlier and more accurate diagnosis. The new edition of this landmark text places these advances in the context of daily clinical practice. Each chapter has been updated to reflect recent developments, including new treatment agents such as immunomodulatory drugs and the next generation of antibodies, and the increasing prognostic role of PET scanning. Results from recent large-scale clinical trials are presented, and pathology and cytogenetics are integrated into discussion of each disease entity, enabling the reader to review all the key diagnostic information in one place. Featuring many color illustrations, and written and edited by leading authorities in the field, Lymphoma provides all the information you need to diagnose and manage these complex disorders.

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