Homes, Issues + Processes: design collective architects

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A monograph on the work of Design Collective Architects (DCA), a young and vibrant architectural practice based in Malaysia, whose projects thrive on the close collaboration between architects, interior designers and landscape designers. Homes, Issues and Processes is structured around DCA's key projects in housing, focusing on specific processes and issues for each house. The book includes essays about the issues of making houses and an overview of the process of building a house. Each project is clearly illustrated with complete photos, scale architectural models, diagrams and sketches. Issues relating to space usage, function, site and context, personal desire and need, nature, tradition, religion and belief, value systems and family politics are all covered in the process of building a house. As a practice DCA emphasise process-based architecture. The process begins with accumulating a synthesis of site, programme and people. The source of inspiration for a house normally comes from a special relationship between DCA, their clients and their relationship with their circumstances. The book is fully illustrated with blueprints and photographs of the projects from conception to completion. With texts from a variety of members of the collective, the book provides an invaluable insight into this up-and-coming architecture firm.

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