Epigenetics 2ed.

C. David Allis, Marie-Laure Caparros; Thomas Jenuwein, Danny Reinberg,
Dostępność: Wysyłka do 3 tygodni
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  • Oprawa: Twarda
  • Liczba stron: 984
  • Zdjęcia: 417
  • ISBN: 9781936113590
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In many biological processes the regulation of gene expression involves epigenetic mechanisms. In the second edition of the renowned book Epigenetics, world leaders in the field introduce and explain epigenetic effects from many perspectives, all within one comprehensive text. The original chapters were all rewritten, and new chapters cover a wide variety of topics underpinning the latest research and developments. Conceptual illustrations throughout help readers understand epigenetic control.

• The second edition is expanded from 24 to 36 expertly written chapters that cover the basic molecular mechanisms underpinning epigenetic regulation.

• All original chapters were reviewed and completely revised to incorporate the latest advances in all fields.

• Includes the expanding structural data on the machinery that modifies histones and DNA, giving weight and understanding to the molecular workings of chromatin and epigenetics.

984 pages, illustrated (408 color, 9 B&W), index

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