Dendritic Cells in Cancer

Michael R Shurin (Editor), Russell D. Salter (Editor)
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Significant features of cancer are suppression and redirection of the immune response, which allow for tumor development and growth in the previously immune competent host. Central to development of immune responses are dendritic cells, and unsurprisingly these cells are strongly impacted by tumors and factors derived from them, as well as by other conditions associated with tumor progression or cancer treatments. Further, as some of the frontline strategies for treatment of cancer involve immunotherapy with ex vivo cultured or in vivo modulated dendritic cells, it becomes imperative to understand how dendritic cells interact with and are affected by the tumor microenvironment. "Dendritic Cells in Cancer," edited by Michael R. Shurin and Russell D. Salter, presents thorough analyses of the complex biology of the tumor-dendritic cell relationship, and offers insights into how cancer treatments may benefit from furthering our understanding in this area.

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