Culture Fix . How to Create a Great Place to Work .

Colin D. Ellis
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Culture is the key to success for every organisation, but what do great cultures do and what makes them successful? In Culture Fix, author Colin D Ellis shows you how to change the way you do things and create a winning culture that will keep your organisation relevant today and into the future.

No matter your business, industry or country, your culture’s success depends on the emotional intelligence and engagement of people within it. Whether you’re a CEO, a manager, or a team leader, this comprehensive playbook provides everything you need to build self-motivating teams capable of delivering great value and great employee experiences for your organisation.

Many organisations lack the knowledge for creating cultures that are uniquely suited for their people. Culture Fix offers real-world solutions to problems of culture change in organisations and teams of all types and sizes.

  • build an aspirational vision for your organisation or team
  • create a set of values that mean something
  • enhance the communication between your people
  • adopt the mindsets and behaviours for a successful culture
  • create the right environment for innovation and creativity.

Practical, insightful, honest and funny, Culture Fix: How to create a great place to work will show you how to create a workplace where great people can accomplish great thing

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