Be a Successful Green Builder 1st Edition

R. Dodge Woodson
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Filled with environmentally friendly methods that reduce the impact of housing on natural areas, Be a Successful Green Builder contains everything needed to get started in the green building business and develop a thriving enterprise.

Successful contractor and bestselling author R. Dodge Woodson explains how to select green building products, understand zoning requirements associated with green building, write winning proposals, find suitable financing, and deal with brokers. He also reviews 20 key mistakes to avoid in building green. Be a Successful Green Builder features:

  • A plain-English guide to developing a lucrative green building enterprise
  • Information on selecting the best green building products
  • Valuable tips on preparing winning bids
  • Step-by-step advice on expanding a green building business

Inside This Hands-on Guide to Profitable Green Building

• Getting Started in Green Building • Setting Up Your Business Structure • 20 Mistakes to Avoid When Becoming a Green Contractor • Matching Green Projects with Suitable Locations • Finding Financing • Working from Home Versus an Office • Building on Speculation • Working with Real Estate Brokers • Selecting Green Building Products • Dealing with Subcontractors • Preparing Winning Bids • Using Sustainable Practices to Make More Money • Growing Your Business • Expanding into Green Land Development to Double Your Money • Landscaping Tips that Sell Houses Fast

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